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  • Fee Structure

    Our mission is for you to discover the world's incredible wonders, makememories that last a lifetime, and return home enlightened.


    Our trip retainer fees, which compensate us for our time and expertise, range from just $99 per trip (not per person), to $349 depending on the complexity of the itinerary to be planned.


    For larger groups of 7+ travelers we will let you know the exact planning fee pricing at the end of our consultation.


    A percentage of all our fees and commissions go to our supported charitable causes and you can read more about this in our philanthropy section below.


    For cruise only vacations, a non-refundable planning deposit of $99 is required. If you book the cruise with us the deposit will be applied towards your cruise total.

    For cruises with customized pre and post itineraries the fee ranges from $149 - $349, depending on complexity, and will be conveyed at the end of our consultation.

  • Philanthropy

    I have traveled far and wide over the years. My eyes have been opened and my heart has been touched. To be honest, travel has really affected me more deeply than I could have ever imagined. After an eye-opening trip to India last year, I learned of truly horrifying statistics about children being abused, and it has really empowered me to want to make more of an impact. I truly believe in the philosophy that WE can change the world together and J5Travel wants to do this through “responsible travel.”


    There are a few charities that we feel strongly connected to and currently sponsor. A percentage of every planning fee and commission earned will be donated to one of the charities below. We have no doubt that this will add up to very meaningful donations, and we thank all our clients for their contribution to these causes.

    Our local Charlotte Chapter of Pinky Swear works to support kids with cancer and their families. Hardships inflicted on families because of childhood cancer are often not quantifiable. The burden of increased expenses can seem overwhelming. The stress reliever of a weekend of family fun is immeasurable. A sigh of relief knowing that the mortgage is paid for the month is another. As a current Silver Level sponsor our commitment is at least $2,500 this year.

    This is the foundation I learned of while visiting Delhi, India that truly kicked off our need for wanting to give back. I learned that 53% of children under the age of 16 experience some form of sexual abuse. That is millions of children - boys and girls.


    “Protsahan” is a Hindi word which means “Encouragement”. The organization fights against child abuse through Arts, Play and Technology based interventions with a specific focus on healing trauma of at-risk and survivor groups of adolescent girls. Their HEART model is based on an intersectional approach towards Education, Healthcare and Justice that strives to break the intergenerational cycle of childhood abuse and poverty with Holistic Healing (of Abuse & Trauma). Education, Art & Play based Life Skills, Recovery and Technology.

    We are proud to have donated flights for founder Sonal Kapoor and partner Jaswinder Singh in 2019 so they could attend a Helsinki Award ceremony that they fully deserved to be nominated for. We have a commitment to fund their project by at least another $2,500 in 2020.

    If you can spare the time check out Sonal’s 2019 TedX Youth Talks presentation HERE

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