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  • Venice

    "Our trip to Venice was ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL. J5 Travel made everything so easy; their precision about prices, locations, and times—and the way they packaged everything into a narrative, especially—made the voyage so delightful! On their recommendation, we returned to Paris via the Bernina Express, and our minds practically exploded from the beauty. We had no idea, when we began, that having a travel agent could possibly make a difference: but now, we want all our friends to know where to find J5 Travel." CC


    "Knowledgeable, friendly, fast, and money-saving! We had a complex trip to plan that started in Venice, took us through the Alps to Zurich, and ended in Paris. The trip John put together for us was precise to the minute and accurate to within .5 Euros. I didn't think I needed a travel agent in the age of the internet, but anytime I need to do anything more than book a single flight, I am contacting J5 first." CH


    "J5 Travel, once again, delivered a great service in putting together our travel that began in Barcelona and ended in Rome. From tour and guide selections to hotels and transportation, the planning done helped us to just enjoy the surroundings and absorb the wonders around us. Grateful for what J5 Travel does!" JM

    Madrid-British Islands

    "We spent the entire month of July traveling with J5Travel via Madrid, Brussels, Bristol, Dublin, Charlotte and then St. Thomas and the British Virgin Islands. I counted 7 planes, 3 cars, 4 taxis and 3 boats ! Our trips were absolutely flawless with every last detail fitting perfectly in place. I honestly would not travel without J5's help now, they take all the stress and hard work out of a trip so we can relax and enjoy." SR

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