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What's the Deal With 2021 Summer Travel?

By: J5Travel

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A lot of our work in the last couple of months has been concentrated on summer client plans with a strong focus on Hawaii, mainland USA and some Caribbean and Costa Rica trips.
But it's perfectly possible to branch out from these destinations given the easing in restrictions by several countries. Here are 5 ideas for this Summer that you may not have realized are possible, and they have barely any more protocols than travel closer to home still entails. As with all our trips post Covid, we will make it absolutely clear to you exactly what travel requirements are so that you are completely prepared and everything remains seamless.

Top 5 Summer 2021 International Destinations

1. Greece (above and below)
Greece reopens to all travelers on May 14th and it's become a real focus in the last few weeks as both cruises and land tours are possible with several cruise lines shifting ships to the region for those dreamy Greek Isles itineraries. Also don't forget that villa vacations are prevalent throughout the whole of Greece, perfect for larger families and groups. Travel within Europe from certain countries may still be restricted so this may be an opportunity to see Greece with less crowds especially if you can travel in June.

2. Iceland (above and below)
Now reopened for a month or so, all reports from Iceland are that the entry system is working smoothly and there have been no added Covid problems. Remember, seasonally you won't see the Northern Lights during the summer months, but the country more than makes up for it with simply stunning scenery everywhere. We recommend organized tours for Iceland as accommodation is limited and the small tour suppliers we highlight maintain their own inventory, so that the best hotels and guest houses are available to you.

3. Croatia (above and below)
It will likely be a little more difficult to find peak summer availability in Croatia as it has been open for a good while and has been attracting travelers ahead of Greece whose news of reopening was only recent. That said, one of my favorite European countries can produce many different experiences. Private yacht charters around the 100's of islands just off the Dalmatian coast, foodie heaven, history and fun for Game of Thrones fans, natural wonders and very friendly people.

4. French Polynesia (above and below)
The French government shut down all tourism back in February, and it has taken the islands a couple of months to plead their case that the combination of virtually non-existent Covid in the region and the devastating effect on an economy that relies so heavily on travelers, should allow them different rules to France itself, which continues to struggle with Covid and is vaccinating very slowly. Well they have reasoned successfully and paradise reopens on May 1st in time for some last minute summer planning if an ultimate escape sounds good to you.

5. Africa
Yes, of course it's a continent and not a specific country, but it should be known that the great majority of African countries are open and safe for travel. Safaris simply lend themselves to isolation, open air and as little human contact as possible! A few clients of ours have booked what would usually be called "last-minute trips" for this Summer, but there is actually some availability as a lot of trips were pushed to 2022 perhaps a little too soon.
Whether it's Uganda (above), Botswana (below), Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania or Kenya, this is a real opportunity for a bucket-list adventure this summer.

I love travel and I love travel planning just as much. It took me a very long time to align my career with my undeniable passion for exploring, but now I and the team are here for you. Your personal travel tailors - award reservation and luxury custom itinerary experts.

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