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Please indulge me this week as I get a little creative.

3 generations of our family watched the Pixar movie, Up, last week. I had no idea it was so good, though my love of all things Toy Story should have led me to it years ago.
It's quite amazing how they make these movies that can absolutely connect with 8 year olds and 80 year olds. The 10 minute montage near the beginning with no words is one of the most beautiful film segments I've ever seen. If you haven't seen this movie yet, I strongly advise you do. Just make sure you sit down with a box of tissues.
Of course, I identified the movie's message as telling me to live my adventure before it's too late, and I am very happy to say that I really am doing my best to accomplish that. Adventure doesn't necessarily mean travel, but in my case it does, and also trying to inspire others to share my adventure, because I believe wholeheartedly in the power of travel to make us better people.
So this weeks quirky highlights 5 Pixar quotes, that at least I interpret as encouragement and inspiration to get out there...

Top 5 Pixar quotes to inspire travel

1. "Adventure is out there!" – Up

I probably shouldn't be using a Pixar image without copyright permission, but just look at that face of Ellie from Up. That's how I feel whenever I am off on a trip.
I will share with you my personal number one adventure dream, that I will make a reality.
I really want to experience Mongolia. It's probably not likely until 2021, but we have a supplier with a deep itinerary that will immerse me in Mongolian culture which still revolves around a nomadic heritage with the family ger (yurt) at the center, and with horses as the only transport. I may need to learn to ride to partake.

2. "To infinity … and beyond!" – Toy Story
Well it's not quite infinity, but for anyone with $250,000 to spare you can now book a 90 minute flight to the edge of space (below) with Virgin Galactic. Richard Branson's SpaceShip Two has now completed fully fledged space flight testing, and Branson himself will take a flight sometime soon. Commercial flights may well start before the end of the year. Virgin are likely to be the first in what has become a race to turn space into the next tourism frontier. Where to next?

3. "When something is too hard there is always another way." - Finding Dory
I may be the only one in the world who would link this quote to flight schedules, but I find the challenge of difficult air routes and matching them to reasonable airfares or even points awards as my personal crusade to make someone's dream come true. Somehow, with enough clicking around the internet, I can nearly always make flights work, and I love being able to do that.

4. "The wilderness must be explored!" - Up
Yes it must, and that's why we are looking forward to Africa later this year and Galapagos next year. But really, I just wanted to use an Up quote again so I could link to the more literal vision of Carl and his house floating away tied to hundreds of balloons. We have sent quite a few clients now on an early morning balloon ride over Florence (below), Italy, and it's been the highlight of their Italy trips. Be bold with your plans

5. "If you focus on what you left behind you will never see what lies ahead." - Ratatouille
I know I'm getting a little philosophical this week, but this is one I actually live by. I don't look back except at the photos. I like to plan for what's ahead and I ask you to consider the same. If I didn't, then Victoria Falls (below) would not be on our horizon along with many other destinations.
To finish with a last quote from Ellie in Up - "Thanks for the adventure. Now go have a new one."

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