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The Amazing Costa Rica Resort You've Never Heard Of

By: J5Travel

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This last week, I was lucky enough to have been invited as one of the top producers at our host agency, Gifted Travel Network to a short stay at an Auberge Resort property in Costa Rica. You may have heard of other Auberge properties such as Solage in Napa Valley or Primland in Virginia, but I'd wager not many knew there was a property in Costa Rica. To be fair it has only been open just over 6 months
I can't remember in the history of our 350+ articles I have written if we have ever featured just a single hotel, but Hacienda AltaGracia fully deserves to be highlighted in that way.
This was the most relaxing hotel I have enjoyed in many a year. It's not for everyone. A stay here is more retreat-like than the full on adventure that Costa Rica often brings to mind. It's not near a beach but it is simply perfect for chilling out, recalibrating and enjoying the best of local hospitality, produce and charm.

Top 5 - Hacienda AltaGracia - an Auberge Resort

1. The Layout (above and below)
Hacienda Alta Gracia was recognized as a Top 50 hotel in the World for 2021 by Conde Nast despite not opening until towards the end of the year. From my first day here it is easy to see why. Stunning suites and views, service that truly goes above and beyond with incredible detail in personalization, and the food is local and exceptional. I'm with a small group of fellow travel advisors and we have all been blown away. The 2 photos above and the one below just give a glimpse of the beauty of the design.


2. Culinary Delights (above and below)
A stay here is "virtually" all-inclusive. All food and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the room rate along with a daily timetable of on-site experiences. This place is foodie heaven.
Grano is the main restaurant serving a la carte dishes from breakfast thru dinner. The menu changes EVERY night, which is pretty unheard of for an all-inclusive property.
Local produce only with wonderful twists on traditional Costa Rican dishes.
My favorites from our first night? A tie between my Steamed Leek, Green Pumpkin seed salsa macha, mustard leaf and flowers vs the indulgent dessert of Corn ice cream, cocoa mass salsa, cocoa mass sorbet, chocolate cremeux and popcorn.

3. Casas (above and below)
The Casas or even larger Casonas at Hacienda AltaGracia are expansive and sumptuous in design and come with every possible amenity you can imagine and a few you wouldn't have thought of.
eg. Giant Jenga, a hot water bottle for bedtime, foot massager, and a deck of affirmation cards, of which you are dealt one every night. Most also have their own plunge pools and all are extremely private.

4. The Well (Spa)
The spectacular spa here projects absolute calm and I have honestly never enjoyed a spa treatment as much as the "flower and herb" 90 minute experience. A nature-inspired treatment using freshly picked native herbs, flowers and deep massage to heal and cleanse the body, this ancient technique starts with a relieving abdominal massage centered on the dispersion of energy and realignment of organs and proceeds to the whole body, stretching tendons and unblocking chakras while expanding energetic channels. I did take a selfie mid clay application, but out of modesty will not be sharing!

5. Activities
There is a daily program of complimentary activities and then some special a la carte options beyond that. I loved the cacao lesson and tasting (above) and thoroughly enjoyed the visit to a very local organic farm where we harvested chicken eggs, milked a goat, saw the full process of sugar cane to sugar (below) and then even on to moonshine!
Other options range from climbing in the tropical forest canopy to visiting a remote Boruca tribal village. Located near one of only five "Blue Zones" worldwide, wherein populations live longer and healthier lives comparatively, I believe you will find a sense of peace across these mountains, fields, farms and tree tops.

If you're looking for a Costa Rican retreat let us know by clicking the button below.


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