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I May Be Slightly Delusional

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Before I elaborate on my descent into hallucinations, I do have some actual travel advice to dispense. Despite the agony of this slow motion tragedy we are all living right now, we have seen a glimmer of interest this week in booking future travel. If you're of the opinion that it's inappropriate to even be considering that right now, please skip the next few sentences; I completely understand.
For anyone, though, who has in the back of their mind that a Thanksgiving or Winter holidays vacation is going to be sorely needed, we would advise you to look at this soon. Right now the booking terms being offered are as friendly as you will ever see and pricing is as attractive as we have ever encountered for the prime holiday season. When it looks like the all-clear is about to be given, and no one can know when that will be, there is going to be a strong rush.
Our geographical guessing game video series is proving quite popular and Episode 6 will be released tomorrow on our Facebook page. We'd also love for you to sign up to our YouTube Channel.

So, in my delusional and hallucinatory moments I have been linking a lot of our every day activities to different locations around the world. Indulge me please, as you see where I've visited the last few weeks...

My Recent Top 5 Trip Report

1. Ireland

On one of our early evening walks a couple of weeks back, Helen decided she was going to search for a 4 leaf clover. In literally 10 seconds she had found one and despite her head looking like it was photo-shopped on, I took the photo and immediately dreamed of Ireland. I know that strictly speaking the Irish shamrock symbol is a 3-leafed clover, but that extra leaf is where all the luck resides and we could all do with that right now. The family then tried to find our own 4-leaf clover and after 15 minutes of searching we all came up empty handed. The family is however claiming all the luck to be shared among us and we are dreaming of a night singing away in The Temple Bar near Ha'Penny Bridge in Dublin (below).

2. New York City (below)
One of our dearest clients sent us a "Thank You" package from the incredible Zabar's Jewish Deli, located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in NYC. All we had done was cancel a wonderful London trip we had planned for Spring Break and we were moved that our work can be so appreciated. Then we had my Dad's 80th birthday and he is a New York Style cheesecake fanatic so we baked a beauty. Then I have had Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind" stuck in my head for a few days (check it out HERE). All in all, I've been to NYC a lot in the last few weeks and as an epicenter of this struggle, I want to send huge love to the Big Apple.

3. Morocco
That same birthday celebration evening for my Dad, we spent a couple of hours in Morocco. I do love to cook and am frequently traveling the globe from within the confines of our own kitchen. The story here is that the rack of lamb we had invested in, smelled like it was 4 years old, so we had to replace it with some steak that turned out extra delicious once marinated in the harissa spices and orange. As for Morocco, who couldn't want to dream about visiting Chefchaouen (below, photo credit Unsplash), a city famous for the striking, blue-washed buildings of its old town area with leather and weaving workshops lining steep cobbled lanes.

4. South America
So exactly how delusional am I? You can see South America in that cloud, right?
From Venezuela in the north all the way down to Chile and Argentina on that orange wispy bit at the bottom.
Bucket list items on this continent for me are Patagonia, an Amazon river cruise, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, the Uyuni salt flats of Bolivia, and a return to Peru for a considerably longer stay than our Machu Picchu trip allowed a couple of years back.

5. Scotland (above)
Another walk, another country's emblem. This beautiful thistle was just emerging, and I seem to be taking more notice of the small things these days, which is a good thing. I've had several encounters with thistles on Scottish golf courses, which does of course mean I'm not very good and have been thrashing around in the rough a little too often. Luckily, there were no thistles to be found on the 18th at St Andrews (below), and this a wonderful memory from October 2017 when I was lucky enough to play the Old Course with my son, James.

If you need any travel advice in the current situation or are looking to plan into the future let us know here.

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