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Australia & Fiji Part 2

By: J5Travel

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I'm finishing up this weeks article with just a few hours left in Melbourne before I start the long journey home. I'm comforted by the fact I have over 24 hours of Singapore Airlines Business Class ahead of me, but in a bit of a state at the prospect of the goodbyes with family over here.

It's been a very much needed reconnection with my brother and his family, and hopefully with the world on a better track regarding Covid, it will not be nearly so long before we meet again.

The Top 5 this week features the return from Fiji and a week spent in Melbourne. It's been good to slow down on a trip and soak up one destination for a little longer than the usual travel advisor itinerary, which tends to be fairly hectic.

Australia & Fiji Part 2 - Top 5

1. Bula (hello) to Fiji Airways

My first time flying Fiji Airways was for our return flight from Nadi to Melbourne. I sneaked in a cheeky online bid for an upgrade a few days ahead and was lucky to have this accepted 24 hours before travel. This set off a merry chain of events which has me regarding Fiji Airways very highly. Firstly they allowed our whole party of 5 to enjoy lounge access (below), and it's a cracking lounge. Then the on-board experience was special and on a 6-hour flight I was able to order food when I wanted it, all served with real warmth from the Fijian cabin crew.

2. Mornington Peninsula (above and below)

Just 45 minutes east of Melbourne is the under visited wine region of the Mornington Peninsula. Think of a super casual Napa Valley with vineyards offering tastings for a little over US $5 and high quality restaurants and cafes abundant. All that plus beautiful coastal views.


3. MCG and Aussie Rules Football

Last Sunday evening we headed out to the iconic MCG sports ground (above), home to cricket and our entertainment for the evening, Aussie Rules Football, joining a crowd of over 70,000

Yikes, the field is 180 yards long and 150 yards wide and 2 teams of 18 run their socks off through 4 periods of 20 minutes. It's physical, high scoring and a whole lot of fun to watch.

4. Melbourne CBD (central business district)

Monday was Anzac Day here in Australia, a national event recognizing and commemorating the contribution of all those who have served Australia (including those who died) in time of war. As a national holiday there are commemorative services all over the country. Strolling around the city Monday afternoon it was a joy to see so many people out and about after such a long Covid lockdown in Australia.

5. Graffiti

Back in September I featured a London street art tour that I enjoyed immensely with a well known street artist. I learned about the culture behind the art and that graffiti art is now almost mainstream as oppposed to frowned upon. Melbourne embraces this art form as much as anywhere I have ever been and I love trying to work out the stories behind the images.

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