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30% Off...What's The Catch, J5?


30% OFF Italy, Austria & Croatia For This Summer - What's the Catch?

Not to beat around the bush, the catch is you visit only one country...Slovenia.
You cannot spell Slovenia without LOVE, which is a little corny, but also totally appropriate for a destination that enables you to experience 5 European countries while only visiting one. I head there myself in just under a month and am very excited indeed to soak up the culture of a country where experiences can vary so widely with just an hour or so driving. Slovenia is still relatively undiscovered, and it's not likely to be at the top of many travelers lists, but it should be. It represents extraordinary value compared with the more popular destinations, especially Italy and Croatia and still has plenty of availability for summer when we are seeing issues elsewhere already.

Here's 5 Reasons why Slovenia should at least make your list.

Top 5 - Reasons to Visit Slovenia

1. Location (above)
Slovenia truly is the best of Europe rolled into one small country. Driveable in around 90 minutes form north to south, it has Mediterranean coastline to the west, bordering Italy and Croatia, and mountains in the north. You can fly in to Venice and only be 2 hours from the capital city of Ljubljana, and Zagreb is only 2 hours from the capital the other way, heading east. Italian, Croatian, Austrian, and Hungarian influences all creep in to the food.

This is known in the industry as a win/win/win/win.

2. Lake Bled (above)
With immense natural beauty, Bled, together with its surroundings, ranks among the most romantic alpine resorts, renowned for its mild, healing climate and thermal lake water. The beauty of the mountains reflected on the lake, the sun, the serenity and the fresh air guarantee an ideal base, a relaxing break or an active holiday.
At typical day tour here would include:

  • A guided visit to Bled castle.
  • Private traditional "pletna" boat cruise to the island.
  • A visit to Bled island including the church, the wishing bell and the tower.
  • A guided visit to Bled castle.
  • Private traditional "pletna" boat cruise to the island.

Then head back to your Relais & Chateaux accommodation, Ototec Castle Hotel (below)

3. Posavje Region - a whole lot of Castles 
How about the most epic castle hunting day ever with experiences that will remain with you forever? It's possible to visit 7 in one's just a sample.
Visit Castle Mokrice, and next to the castle is a majestic, more than two hundred years old English park with the castle chapel of St. Anne, beautiful copies of baroque figures of the Four Seasons, which otherwise adorn the castle courtyard, and ponds sheltered by mighty and exotic plants.
Brežice Castle (above) is an imposing Renaissance building, where you will go on a private tour to learn about the rich history of the Posavje region from prehistoric times to the present day and see the Knight’s Hall with its awe-inspiring frescoes.
Visit Rajhenburg Castle & Chocolate Experience - Perched on a rocky prominence sixty metres above the confluence of the Brestanica stream and river Sava, Rajhenburg Castle has dominated the surrounding countryside for centuries. It was built between 1131 and 1147 by Archbishop Konrad of Salzburg, a powerful landowner.
The Chocolaterie - The Rajhenburg Castle history boasts the legacy of the Trappist monks, who were the first to carry out industrial chocolate production in Slovenia.
And then perhaps finish your evening at Sevnica Castle (below) just as darkness falls and it's lit up with candles. You may even pay a visit to the Countess herself, who will host you at this picturesque fortification. 

4. Gastronomy 
No matter where in Slovenia you are, you can rest assured that food is growing right in front of you and that the providers of local cuisine can turn this into unforgettable culinary experiences. Slovenia has no less than 170 typical dishes! Discover protected and special Slovenian cheeses, meat products, sausages, oils, honey, and other food. Allow yourself to be surprised by the originality of Slovenian best chefs.
Carniolan sausage (above) is the most known Slovenian food, that had been named "kranjska" for the first time in 1896, and then became protected in 2015. It originated in the Gorenjska region, from where it has grown across the whole Slovenia.
Prekmurian layer cake (below)- is a juicy dessert, stuffed with poppy seeds, cottage cheese, walnuts and apples. The funny literal translation of this Slovenian food is actually "Over-Murian Moving Cake", but the popular translation is Prekmurian Layer Cake. 

5. Piran (above)

What does a day in Piran look like? Below would be our suggestion... After breakfast a private driver will transfer you to the Salt Pans (below) where you will meet with a local salt pans expert who will guide you through the area and explain a 700 year old tradition of seasalt production and of natural cohabitation between humans and nature. 
In the afternoon, you will again meet with a private guide for a tour of the medieval coastal town of Piran. Explore an old, picturesque port town on the Adriatic, that lies at the end of the Piran peninsula. Your private guide will take you through the town that has preserved it's medieval layout with narrow streets and compact houses, as well as grander buildings dating back to its golden age as part of the Venetian Republic. Then conclude your final day in coastal Slovenia with a seafood dinner in a local Piran restaurant.

If you're ready to take advantage of this incredible 30% off offer that takes you to the wonderful (and loving) Slovenia let us know by clicking the button below.

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