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Where? When? How? Should We?

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Attempting to keep track of the rules, regulations, protocols (my new, least favorite word) and restrictions surrounding all things travel is currently a rather large and daunting task, as you can imagine.
We are doing our best to stay on top of it all during what is a daily shifting environment. Our COVID page HERE is slowly morphing from cancellation terms and entry restrictions, to hopefully providing clear guidelines, to what is opening where. We hope it will help you decide when you will be ready to fly long-haul again, or simply go lie next to the infinity pool at Jade Mountain, St Lucia (below).
Whatever your personal time-frame may be for future travel, you undoubtedly are going to have a lot of questions regarding the whole process, and we will have the answers for you. Just one more great reason to use a travel advisor. So this weeks Top 5 highlights the most useful resources we've discovered in the last few weeks, to arm you with as much detail as possible so that informed decisions can be made.

Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia.

Top 5 Resources for the Where? When? How? and Should We?

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Caribbean Travel Advisories

The Caribbean is the first area to be reopening that is happy to receive visitors from the USA, but even that is not true for every island and just because a location is "reopen" there still may be strong enough restrictions in place, that you may prefer not to travel. St Lucia for example, currently in a Phase 1 reopening, requires a negative result COVID test to have been performed within 48 hours of your inbound travel. The Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association are doing an excellent job of keeping this Google doc (click pic above) updated and we do expect many restrictions to have been lifted in time for the holiday season at the end of 2020.

Those funny fellows at the European Union are currently debating whether to extend the ban on incoming US residents, along with many other countries that have high numbers of Covid cases. Meanwhile, they have put together a decent app (click pic above) that covers the entire EU and answers questions on entry, transit, trains and air. Of course that does mean there is a noticeable exception in that the United Kingdom doesn't even get a mention, now that Brexit has occurred. So no link for the UK, but seeing as I'm British I have plenty of info if you need it!

Global Timeline
Skift (click pic above) have put together a powerful resource that collects travel news events and catalogs them by date and geographical area. You have to be careful to read the articles in their entirety as it can sometimes be misleading to go by the headline alone, but nonetheless this has been a great resource for us when searching for a particular country we have received little prior information on. They also have a domestic USA section which is important to be aware of if you are planning to travel between States this summer.

Covid Checker (click pic above)
For those worried about how Covid has developed in other countries you may potentially be traveling to, this app will give you the true number of cases around the world, combined with the latest restrictions regarding the same country. A great tool to help understand any risk and keep track of global travel restrictions. We also have this app embedded on our own Covid page HERE. Bear in mind that some countries are definitely under-reporting Covid due to lack of testing, and we will be able to talk this through with you should one of these countries be of interest. If you want to see who navigated this best, click on New Zealand.

Flights (click pic above)
If it's possible to have too much data in these times of uncertainty then the International Civil Aviation Organization win the biscuit for most nerdy information. Their website goes the full monty on everything flight related and lists number of flights from each country daily, and places them into sub-categories of cargo/passenger/repatriation. They also indicate the percentage week over week change for each airport. A very useful site if you need airport specific information.

If you need any travel advice in the current travel environment or you're ready to plan a trip for the future click here.

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