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We Will Make It To 195 Countries

By: J5Travel

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Firstly this week, we are receiving a lot of inquiries for Hawaii currently. As a US state the CDC requirement for a Covid test prior to return home is waived, and so it is proving to be a popular choice currently for those looking for some relaxation in a tropical destination with as minimum amount of hassle as possible. We've put together a comprehensive luxury guide to Hawaii and it may prove very useful if you are contemplating a trip to Maui, Oahu, Lanai, The Big Island or Kaua'i. Click HERE to download for free.

Moving on, about 6 weeks after Covid first shocked us last year, I decided to start an "inspiration only" series of videos featuring a different country every episode and presenting them in the form of a geography quiz. So some fun facts, some inspiring photos and the best music track I could find to fit the mood of the featured destination.
Considering I am producing 3 a week, it's likely most of us would have guessed that by the time I reached maybe 50 episodes, some sort of travel normality would have returned and I wouldn't complete the journey around the world to all 195 countries.
Well, tomorrow's episode will be #115, and even if Covid managed to take flight tomorrow I am now committed to completing the whole trip and J5Travel will proudly end up with a video library of every country on the planet.
This mission has taught me a lot, humility included. There were countries I had never heard of (Marshall Islands and Tuvalu) and I have discovered culinary and cultural treasures I couldn't have imagined (Madagascar and Finland).
With every episode in the same format of 5 clues - geography, culture, cuisine, sport and photos, I thought I'd share a video with a feature from each of those categories this week.
So please click on the photos to see these country's videos and if you feel inspired we would love for you to subscribe to the J5Travel YouTube channel HERE.

Top 5 out of 115 so far

1. Geography

1,200 islands make up this country and the highest point above sea level is just 2 feet.
Where Are We? Click photo above to find out.

2. Culture
This country has a traditional, witch burning festival every year all over the country, called Čarodejnice and the biggest celebration is held in the capital. A straw witch is lit on fire to welcome the spring and ward off evil spirits.
Where Are We? Click photo above to find out.

3. Cuisine
Foza sy hena-kisoa is a famous seafood platter from this country. It's an incredible fusion of stir-fried pork, crab, and lobster, further seasoned with ginger and lime juice. Like most meals here it is served with rice.
Where Are We? Click photo above to find out.

4. Sport
Camel jumping is a popular sport in this country combining athletics and acrobatics with competitions often held at festivals.
Where Are We? Click photo above to find out.

5. Photos
So many spectacular photos to choose from around the globe but this country is something almost out of this world, and J5Travel plans to visit this November.
Where Are We? Click the photos either above or below to find out.

I love travel and I love travel planning just as much. It took me a very long time to align my career with my undeniable passion for exploring, but now I and the team are here for you. Your personal travel tailors - award reservation and luxury custom itinerary experts.

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