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Trip Report: Mexico Part 2, what should you expect?

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I think the current circumstances warrant a follow-up ezine and recap of my recent trip to Mexico. I understand that everyone has different concerns regarding travel currently. It remains a more complicated process than we are used to and ultimately your own personal decision. My own conclusion was that despite feeling mildly concerned on one of my outbound flights, and again briefly at San Jose Los Cabos International Airport as I waited to board my return flight, I was completely reassured by the resort protocols in place and am ready to go again.

Unless you are in the "high risk" category, I do think you will end up being safer in a luxury resort than you would currently be leading a regular week at home with store visits etc.

  • Our group of around 20 only met up outdoors and we were very well spaced.
  • When we enjoyed our site inspection at LeBlanc Los Cabos we split into groups of just 4 and wore our masks.
  • While JW Marriott was slightly stricter, LeBlanc highly encouraged the wearing of masks in indoors public spaces, and every member of staff wore a mask the entire time and was washing hands every 30 minutes.
  • Room service was exceptional and could either be dropped at the door, or delivered regularly, it was your choice.
  • Temperature checks were taken each time you arrived back at the hotel.
  • Personal hygiene kit provided in the room.

To see just how seriously they are taking this please click on the hotel photo below to view the Purely LeBlanc health and safety video. It's rather weird to say it but it's a great ad!

We remain, Ready When You Are.

Top 5 - LeBlanc Los Cabos

1. The Room (above and below)
LeBlanc Los Cabos is widely regarded as the top All-Inclusive resort in the area. There are other stunning Virtuoso hotels to choose from such as Montage, Esperanza, The Cape (Thompson) and One & Only Palmilla, but this trip was really for me and some much needed relaxation and so those site inspections will have to wait for another time.
My room was the entry level suite and was spacious, luxurious and perfect for my few days, especially with the need for a little work which was usually completed in conjunction with room service breakast (below)
A double headed giant rain shower in the spectacular bathroom and the dulce de leche croissants made it very difficult for me to actually leave the room the rest of the week.

2. Dining
With 7 main restaurants to choose from there are no lack of options. Featured cuisines are Italian, Mexican and Seafood, French, Asian, Lebanese, Pizza, and International. Menus have shifted to almost exclusively a la carte, though the main International dining room does still have a buffet breakfast only. There are gorgeous outside dining options at almost all of these.
Both the service and the quality were exceptional. My personal highlight was the Lebanese restaurant Mezze. I enjoyed a superb Middle Eastern tapas style dinner (below), topped off with the strongest and sweetest coffee ever, prepared in baking hot sand. Click the photo below to see an unusual preparation of sweet and hot Turkish coffee in action.

3. The Beach
Most travelers know that almost all beaches in the Los Cabos area are not swimmable due to exceptionally strong currents, and that is true here. However there are huge stretches of great sand, so long walks are a possibility and of course just laying there and soaking up the rays remains an option for sun-worshippers. Sunrise (below) from the beachside breakfast venue Ocean was slightly more spectacular than the sunsets.

4. San José del Cabo

It's definitely not quite an authentic J5Travel experience without at least some local culture and I could not turn down a kind invitation to join a very small group (just 3 of us) to explore the nearby town of San José del Cabo with a local guide.
Much less touristy than Cabo San Lucas which was in the opposite direction from LeBlanc, I absolutely loved the art shops and studios, the nature reserve and a superb sweat-inducing Mexican lunch.

5. Golf and Diving
Two of the biggest "travel niches" of our clients are golf and diving and Los Cabos enables you to check off both from that list in fairly spectacular fashion. Although my own diving career was short-lived to say the least, my ears perk up now whenever I have the opportunity to learn about a diving destination as I know how important locations are to divers. Have you heard of "Sand Falls"? Well this amazing effect of cascading sand is found around 30 meters deep and this is almost the only location in the world it can be experienced.
Golf remains a major passion of mine and I played 2 beautiful courses. I found them in great condition, and good value compared to similar level layouts in the US. Cabo Real was just my favorite over Puerto Los Cabos.

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