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Travelers, The Time Has Come

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I've been hesitant to write about this before, but for the last month now we have seen a very strong rise in inquiries and sales. Our February sales are even going to be back to pre-Covid levels. We are sensing that many are now willing to look past the current situation and that more of us are seeing hope that our bucket-list dreams will indeed be fulfilled. To give you a sense of our own microcosm in the travel industry our work currently revolves around many near term trips to places that are safe but that require minimal disruption in the way of Covid tests etc. Hawaii and Costa Rica are currently our top destinations and are being booked for Spring Break and Summer. Then we have nearly the entire remaining 50% of our work which is for 2022 and 2023 with several clients planning those dream trips that they want to ensure they don't miss out on. We are so encouraged and grateful for this and our work over the last year to keep you all inspired without pushing too hard, seems to be paying off.

To connect to the above, perhaps you remember that around a year ago we were offering a Virtuoso program called Wanderlist. It was an outstanding tool for long term planning of families and friends travel aspirations, and it came with a hefty fee. Well Covid hit, and the program obviously did not do too well. Out of the situation though, Virtuoso realized an amazing opportunity with the technology platform they had created and it is back with a more user-friendly interface and it's now FREE. You will not believe the huge amount of high quality travel inspiration you can find with this tool and I urge everyone to give it a go. Below is a reminder of the video trailer for Wanderlist and there are Invite buttons throughout this weeks blog for you to discover it for yourselves. Both Tori on our team and myself are Wanderlist experts and are ready for any of your questions.

What's On Your Wanderlist?

Top 5 Reasons to Delve into Wanderlist

Wanderlist is a place to collect and share travel dreams.
It’s fun, easy, and free.

Travel provides the joy of dreaming, the excitement of the experience, and a lifetime of
memories. There is a world of possibilities right at your fingertips. Here’s your chance to tap
into it to capture and save your travel dreams.

Roam the world using the interactive map (pic above) on your PC, laptop or mobile devices, to find places and experiences that intrigue, inspire, and interest you.

Make it yours. Select and save ideas you discover to your very own travel wish list. You can create lists for any trip you are dreaming of. Whether it’s the time of year you plan to travel, the people you want to go with, or a special milestone celebration, organize your lists for a future of exciting trips.

Invite family, friends, and your travel advisor (that's us hopefully) to share in the fun. Everybody can contribute ideas - dreaming is even more fun when you do it together! Your wish lists are secure and only seen by those you choose.

Work with your Virtuoso travel advisor (that's us again!) to plan your next epic adventure. For those who want to wander more, turn travel dreams into reality with a future travel plan upgrade.

Be social and follow along on our travel adventures.

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