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Plan B and St. Sulpice

Paris June 16 to 18

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We landed in Paris this morning at the beginning of an almost 5 week trip through Europe.

Now, it's a common problem when flying from USA to Europe that the vast majority of flights land early morning and mean a hotel arrival before midday.

Can I get an early check-in is probably the most common question we encounter.

If it's summer season, the answer is almost certainly going to be - no.

Unfortunately no matter how good a travel consultant you have, it's just not possible to turf people out of their rooms.

Have a Plan B ready in case that needed nap has to be postponed.

For us today, this meant heading for a walk through Les Jardins du Luxembourg, closely followed by a bistro lunch on a quiet side street.

This led to an added bonus for us as we found ourselves right by St Sulpice, a 17th century Catholic church and second largest in Paris after Notre Dame. It's clearly not on the tourist circuit as there were maybe 20 visitors when we visited, but it was really worth it.

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