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Making the Most of Morocco

By: J5Travel Client Jocelyn

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The overwhelming majority of our clients are always extremely pleased and thankful for the services we provide. But just once in a while we hear back from our travelers with a thank you so powerful that it just has to be shared. I'm not ashamed to say that this review brought tears to my eyes, and this is why J5Travel does what it does - to bring joy and even change to people, perhaps when they were least expecting it. I cannot thank Jocelyn and her multi-generational family enough for their kind words and for trusting us with the planning . In fact Jocelyn was so thrilled with their adventure that she volunteered to contribute fully to this weeks blog. The rest of this weeks note are all Jocelyn's words. Thank you for allowing us to share with our audience Jocelyn.

"The trip was extraordinary in every way. Truly exceeded expectations. I'm so glad we went with the guide/transporation for the week. I had no idea how important that would be for our group. I'm also so glad we stayed at La Maison Arabe. We had a chance to have tea at La Mamounia, which validated the decision even more. There is something very special about La Maison Arabe. It is not only stunning, but the service is impeccable. The trip was life changing for my mom and step father. They seemed 20 years younger! I literally watched their entire demeanor and energy change over night. Morocco is magical in every way. The people, the food, the sights and sounds. And while this trip was costly, it was truly memorable."

Jocelyn and Family - Morocco Top 5

"I fell in love with the magic of Morocco 16 years ago and was so happy to know that the magic is still alive! It's felt in the sights, sounds, tastes, and mostly, in the incredible warmth of the Moroccan people."

1. Hot Air Ballooning (below)

Soaring skywards in a hot air balloon to witness the glorious sunrise over the Atlas Mountains. While I'm deathly afraid of heights, I found the experience to be so peaceful and serene.

2. Atlas Mountains (above and below)

We hiked in the Atlas Mountains with our local Berber guides. They are a proud, passionate people who are humble, intelligent and so kind. Our family was welcomed into our guide's home where we shared tea with his Mom. This was the highlight of the trip for our kids. It opened their eyes to other ways of living, and in no way less than our own lives.

3. The Medina (above and below)

We toured the medina with our guide for the week Mustafa. We are a family who loves to shop! So we thoroughly enjoyed bargaining at the souks, eating wonderful food along the way. I love to wander in the labyrinth of alleys exploring the wonderful colors of baskets, spices, ceramics and rugs.

4. White Camel Tented Lodge (above and below)

Venturing out into the Agafay Dessert to stay in the White Camel Tented Lodge was divine. You could see for miles and miles. Our camel ride was so fun for the family, and the dinner we shared together that night was the best meal of the entire week.

5. La Maison Arabe (below)

We simply loved relaxing in our beautiful riad, La Maison Arabe. This was a glorious small hotel with hallways that led to many secret doors. Beauty everywhere, in every detail. And the hammam in the spa was to die for! I can't say enough about this hotel. It was quaint, authentic, charming and felt like home away from home.

I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention our guide Mustafa and our driver Mohammad, who was with us the entire week. When we return to Morocco, we will call upon them again, like old friends.

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