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As we approach Valentine's Day, I thought I'd highlight a supplier of ours whose name literally means "LOVE". AmaWaterways are a luxury river cruise line who I've talked about plenty enough before, because I truly believe in their product, having twice experienced a cruise with them ourselves on the Rhine and the Danube.
As closing presenters at our Book More Travel Workshop in Charlotte last week, Ama had the whole audience, a few of whom are in the photo below, forming the heart sign that they are proudly using in their print ads currently. I am always reluctant to highlight one supplier above all others, as we truly aim to fit each client to the absolutely right supplier, but with Ama you truly feel their love for what they do when on board. The crew we have met remain the friendliest and most helpful we have encountered on land or water.
However, what really excited me about their presentation was a sneak peek at their new ship and itinerary for Egypt and a Nile River cruise. This is how you want to see Egypt my friends. I am convinced this ship and the surrounding itinerary will sell out in a matter of weeks when made public some time next month. This is definitely one to make a note of if Egypt is on your bucket list and to book a very long time in advance.

PS. I hear that the top Valentine's gift this year is a river cruise!

Top 5 - Egypt and Beyond with AmaWaterways

1. The Ship, AmaDahlia (artist impression below)
Carrying just 70 passengers this will be a wonderfully intimate way of exploring Egypt in what's being termed "soft-adventure" style. After years of political unrest and terror concerns, the last 2 years have seen a very strong resurgence in Egypt tourism and a much improved security infrastructure has helped to attract international visitors back to the country and has allowed major travel companies to restart operations in popular destinations. The first sailing will be in January 2021 and will run through May, resuming again in September 2021.

2. The Crew
The love that Captain Geoffrey (below) of the AmaLyra is signalling is a genuine reflection of the experience with Ama. I cannot speak highly enough of their crew from the chefs to the waiters, to....well basically anyone you come in to contact with. Our cruise director, David, on the AmaPrima a few years ago even enjoyed nights out in a couple of ports of call with us, one of them fairly late (insert smiley face). I'm not sure the guy even slept some nights, but he was absolutely amazing at his job for the entire cruise.

3. Giza (below)
The Giza Plateau is home to the most iconic Egyptian monuments, including 3 tall pyramids built as royal mausoleums around the 26th century B.C.
Giza is close to Cairo where you will spend the first 3 nights of your trip at the Four Seasons Hotel. Sightseeing is included to visit these astounding structures. Then you fly south to Luxor where you join the ship on the lower Nile.

4. Other sights
Luxor, Aswan and Kom Ombo (above) are all on the ship's docking list and then there is also an optional extension further south to the awe-inspiring Temple of Nefertiti (below) at Abu Simbel.
Ama arrange all this seamlessly and of course there is minimal unpacking as you have the ship to return to each evening. I have no information on this yet, but knowing Ama they will also create a super special exclusive experience along the way.

5. The Extensions
As if this wasn't a wonderful enough trip to begin with Ama themselves will offer a choice of post-cruise extensions to Jerusalem (4 nights), Dubai which I featured in last weeks ezine (3 nights) or Jordan (2 nights in Amman, 2 nights in Petra). Petra (below) in particular is very high up on my personal bucket list, so there's a distinct possibility that J5Travel will report on all of this from on-board in the next couple of years.

Is Egypt on your list? Please let us know by clicking here we'd love to help you get started planning.

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