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Adore Your Ecuador Encore

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It was only 3 weeks ago that I wrote about Galapagos, and I was so inspired by the research that I went through to produce that weeks blog post, that I have had it on the brain ever since. So much so that we are going to do a first at J5Travel, and that is to hold a virtual event with one of our favorite luxury tour suppliers, Big Five. Of course any company with "5" in their name must be good, and on June 16th at 6pm EST you will have the chance to see just how good when we join the President of Big Five, Ashish Sanghrajka, as he guides us on a journey through Ecuador and Galapagos. Big Five do the Galapagos a little differently to many as they don't feature ships or boats as much, preferring to focus on the full land possibilities. My rhyming headline for this week alludes to the fact that you must also try to include Ecuador in the itinerary with Galapagos, and you will see in our presentation exactly why that is.

We have limited attendance to just 10 to keep the event as personal as possible, and all you have to do is click the photo below for the signup form.

Top 5 Ecuador Experiences

1. Mashpi Lodge (above and below)

The strikingly contemporary Mashpi Lodge was designed as the ideal springboard for exploring the vast and biologically diverse world of its 6,178-acre cloud forest reserve, which lies within the Metropolitan District of Quito. Explore the wonders of the forest, in the company of expert guides, aboard the mile-long Dragonfly cable car system, astride a sky bike, from the observation tower, at rivers and waterfalls, or along nature paths. The lodge, hosting 48 guests, is the perfect cocoon to return to after your explorations, thanks to its high standards of comfort, service, spa treatments, and gourmet cuisine.

2. Banos (below)

This town's proximity to Tungurahua Volcano has provided it with an abundance of welcoming thermal waters. It's become known as the adventure capital of Ecuador, and with hiking ziplining, mountain biking, rafting and exploring of some 60 waterfalls, it adds up to a very rewarding experience.

3. Antisana Ecological Reserve (above and below)

This is a veritable hot spot of high biodiversity on the oriental slope of the Andes Mountain Range. Here striking mountains morph into dense forest and deep gorges while crystalline lakes reflect the mountain scenery.

4. Avenue of the Volcanoes (above and below)

Ecuador is part of the Pacific chain of volcanoes known as the "Ring of Fire". All the country's major mountains are volcanic and at 200 miles long a massive snow-covered volcanic line makes up the spectacular Avenue of the Volcanoes with wild contrasts to the green equatorial highlands and jungle.

5. Riobamba and Devil's Nose Train (above and below)

This indigenous community has local markets that have managed to remain almost unknown to most travelers. Riobamba is also the place to board what is known as the "most difficult train in the world", which continuously zigzags up a mountainside, across bridges and gorges and through tunnels.

If any of the above piques your interest please join us on June 16th for a1-hour virtual tour of Ecuador and Galapagos. Click the button below.

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