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2020 Travel Trends You Should Know About

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For J5Travel, 2020 will bring a new focus on giving back, as we establish a solid philanthropy program focused on one local cause we feel passionate about, and a couple of projects that we have discovered and have been deeply affected by, on our own travels around the world. In conjunction with this, we will be updating our fee structure in January so that we can truly keep our high standards of client care consistent as we grow, and our new plan is to give a portion of the proceeds of every trip booked to causes dear to our hearts. Full details on our website HERE soon.

This weeks Top 5 focuses on the travel trends you need to know about for 2020.

Top 5 - The 2020 Travel Trends You Should Know About

(with thanks to Backroads for the inspiration behind this weeks ezine)

1. All Ages, All Life Stages (above)
More people than ever are staying active and fit well into their seventies and beyond. For travel, this has meant families can connect across generations while making new discoveries and memories, together. Multi-generational travel is a fast growing segment of the industry and an amazing way for your whole family to bond in a bucket-list destination. Such trips are becoming easier to plan (though you still need an advisor!) as tour suppliers have tweaked their offerings and programs so that everyone is able to enjoy the same itinerary. So consider a cruise, a city break, an All-Inclusive Caribbean destination or even an incredible bucket-list destination such as Machu Picchu in Peru, or New Zealand to generate that everlasting connection within your own family that travel is capable of providing.

2. Farm to Fork to Conversation (above and below)
The definition of eating well while on vacation has shifted over the last few years and the trend is clear. Travelers are looking for cultural connections with their meals, and as regular followers know, this has been so important to me personally for a long time, going back to well before we founded our travel business. So, I can attest to the fact that locally sourced ingredients and intimate settings such as in a chef or local family's home can give you an experience that involves much more than just a happy, full belly.

3. Small Ships, Big Adventures
River cruises, which clearly led the way in the small ship trend, continue to grow in popularity. In ocean cruising it has gone both ways, as ever more giant liners continue to be built. But perhaps the even stronger trend is to smaller, more intimate ocean-going ships, with the true capabilities of heading to destinations the larger ships can't reach or dock at. With the demographics of cruising in general becoming younger and more active, small ships allow for much more flexibility and personal touches, and as ever, you only unpack once. We will experience ourselves the small ship luxury of Uniworld's S.S. Joie de Vivre (below) this coming March on a Paris and Normandy river cruise.

4. Natural Phenomena
Interest in stellar phenomena such as full eclipses (below) or meteor showers has grown immensely in recent years, and all manner of travel companies now create specialized tours surrounding these special events, often with guest speakers and hosts who are experts in the field. Almost exactly a year from now Chile and Argentina will enjoy a path of total eclipse. These particular tours need to be booked well in advance, sometimes years. However for something still spectacular, the Northern Lights are available from September to April, with the Top 5 countries for viewing being Finland, Canada, USA (Alaska), Norway and of course, Iceland.

5. Active Travel to Switch Off
Many travelers are now turning to active vacations not only for the exercise, but as a way to disconnect. With all the overstimulation and the excessive demands of corporate USA, it has become ever more important to find an outlet that can help you switch off...completely.
Some of our favorite travel companies such as Backroads (below), G Adventures, and National Geographic create multi-adventure itineraries to numerous countries and destinations, and with innovations such as e-bikes it's possible for travelers of all ages and abilities to enjoy the journey together, reconnecting on that personal level that our phones just can't match.

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