• Change

    the Way

    you See

    the World


    We connect you to the

    unknown wonders of the world

    and give you an intimate travel

    experience, with every itinerary,

    through tailored travel.

    We want you to be inspired

    by the scale and beauty

    this earth has to offer and to

    connect deeply with the heart

    and soul of every destination

    you visit. Our aim is for you

    to discover the world's

    incredible treasures, make

    memories that last a lifetime, and

    return home enlightened.



    "I can't even imagine trying

    to design a trip like this

    without your help or

    how long it would take

    me on my own to

    come not even close." MR

    Why J5?

    It's a golf thing

    Our company name comes from the shortened version of my longtime nickname "Johnny Fivewood" which refers back to a time when I could play quite well with a certain golf club. The day at Pebble Beach (pictured) was not one of those days.

    Save Time

    80+ hours

    There is a google survey that says the average research time put into a one week vacation is a hefty 80 hours. We can cut that to the length of time it takes you to talk to us once or twice or just to send a couple of emails. You can trust us to craft an experience that would have taken far longer than 80 hours.


    Focus on value

    The first consultation is ALWAYS FREE. We will let you know the exact fee after initial consultation.

    Single itinerary fees range from zero (yes, zero) to $349 for the most complex of trips. Whilst we specialize in the luxury end of the market, we never lose our focus on finding incredible value for you.

    You need J5Travel if...

  • You want to discover scents,

    tastes and sights of foreign

    cities you didn't know existed.

    You don't have time to design,

    research and book your own

    itinerary to all those places

    on your wish list.

    You dream of surprising your

    loved ones with the

    trip of a lifetime.

    You want an independent

    group trip to discover

    the heart and soul

    of a country.

    You love discovering

    an unspoiled beach

    or hiking in a mystical jungle.

    You would like to enjoy an upgrade,

    an amenity, or a restaurant

    that will make the difference.

    You enjoy top quality

    personal service.


    You want to work with

    someone who listens

    and you can trust.

    You are partial to an English accent.






    "Trip of a lifetime and

    really valued your

    suggestions and help!" PJ





    Global Knowledge

    We specialize in luxury travel for independent, family and corporate travelers. Whether it's a golf trip to Scotland or a cruise to the Antarctic, if we haven't been there personally, we have a network of contacts who have.





    A way to connect

    Eating in the locals' restaurants, no matter where we are in the world is important to us. We love the connections you can make to a culture and a person through a memorable meal.




    Award Bookings

    Only with J5Travel

    We know of no other travel firm that actively encourages and helps to incorporate those elusive hotel and flight award bookings into your itinerary. Flying Singapore Airlines First Class Suites for free, like myself and my daughter did last summer, is not that complicated!

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