• Galapagos Cruise 2020


    The Galapagos Islands have been on my very long bucket list for a while, but have now made it to the top. It's almost impossible to do a "land tour" of Galapagos due to numerous sensible restrictions and lack of accommodation on the various islands. The only way to see the islands, and any travel advisor should tell you this, is to cruise. But cruises down there are not the norm by any means. No ship is allowed to have more than 100 passengers and many are smaller than that. You will never dock on an island, you will only ever land on a zodiac and with National Parks naturalist guides.

    For many years Galapagos has been served by "expedition class" boats, but now that is changing and whilst the ships are not allowed to get bigger, they are becoming considerably more luxurious. Seabourn and Silversea have great options, but I believe the Celebrity Flora is going to be the outstanding option for a luxury Galapagos experience for several years to come.

    Click here to read our latest blog post on our Galapagos top 5. Let us know if you might possibly be interested in joining us on the Celebrity Flora towards the end of 2020. Helen and I have never hosted a group before, but this destination and this new ship are so thrilling to us, that we want to share such an incredible experience with our travel friends. We'd really like to gauge your interest.

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